Bidding over the telephone

To take part in the auction over the telephone you must bidding on this item minimum 100€.


Please mark the field “BIDDING BY PHONE” on your bidding form next to the appropriate lot.


Enter one, or even better, two telephone numbers together with your international and area code so we can reach you. WE will call YOU shortly before the Lot comes under the hammer and you can bid directly during the auction.


When you wish to bid on more than one Lot please remain on the phone or, if they are wide apart, we will call you back again. Please be advised that telephone bidding means you are automatically bidding the minimum price. In case we can’t reach you or there are no other bidders you get the item for the limit! If you have any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to call us under +49 30 2119538. We can speak English.