Why must I register?

By filling out the registration application you receive the right to bid in the auction. We register your address and prefered method of payment. These details do not need to be given again. Further, we sell and stock items from 1933-1945. To be able to buy/sell and in particular show such items on the internet with forbidden symbols of National Socialism, in Germany, we need your agreement.
When we have already received bids for items you will see the minimum bid under “current bid” or in German “Aktueller Ausruf”. The shown bid under “Aktueller Ausruf” is 10% rounded above the starting price or previous highest bid. To the sum of “Aktueller Ausruf” you can make your bid. The current bidder wins the item to the previous bid when no new bid under “Aktueller Ausruf” is made.

Important Notice

“Actual Limit” means, that there are bids for this item.
The value under Actual Limit contains an surcharge of 10% (roundet) on the last call. You can place your bid at this price!
Please notice: You can make a new highest bid at any point in time, this will not be shown online. Online you will only see the next increment in bidding (+10%), the hammerprice to this moment in time. This means that your maximum bid is a so called “agency bid”. This is the amount you will be willing to pay IN MAXIMUM!!! The amount shown under “Aktueller Ausruf” does not automatically mean that you will win the item to this amount, then it is possible that we will received higher agency bids later.
This means that your bid is the maximum value which you would pay for.


You bid for an item 100 €.
Another bidder bids for the same item 250 €.
Online you will only see “Current price”: 110 €.
When you now bid 500 € you will see online 275 €.
To all times approx. 10% higher as second bidder just as in our house-auction.
Do you have a quiery? Please, call us at (+49-30-211 95 38) or send us an email to [email protected]